When I got into high school I was desperate to seem like any other high school kid, and since I had no trouble making friends, I was just a regular kid, aside from the treatments I had to do regularly. I wrestled for my school’s team, dated, went to parties, and hung out with my friends like any other high school kid, and was actually extremely healthy, considered by my doctors at the time to be among the healthiest CF patients they had. There were actually periods of time where they documented what I did, in terms of my health regiment to be able to pass those instructions on in the hopes that other CFer’s could benefit from my treatment, nutritional, and exercise schedule. It was a great time in my life!

High school was a lot of fun for me especially starting my sophomore year when I really found my best friend and brother to this day, coincidentally he had CF too, I know crazy. it actually only took us like 4 hours of hanging out to determine each other had CF, by way of the things we had in common, but a lot by what we held bac from “other people.”

The day I became friends with David was the start of the most enjoyable time of my life, and for the next 3 years we were inseparable, we knew about the CF bubble, but it didn’t matter to us. We were gonna hangout no matter what anyone said, doctors probably didn’t like that, but we said “fuck it, finally I have a friend who gets it.” We did everything from treatments, to ride to school, to skip school, to party our asses off…and we did just that.

To a certain time when the partying became a bit of a problem, at which point senior year I had to switch schools, which wasn’t the most fun, but it was the best for my future…too many things to get into where I was at. So, I went from South Forsyth to Sandy Creek, and being that I knew some people down at my new school (where my dad lived in Peachtree City, or Tyrone more specifically). However, I just came back up to see my friends on most weekends, I did make some really great fiends that year. It was a totally different social hierarchy than the school I had come from, it was kind of a culture shock at first, but I came to enjoy it, and still keep up with a couple of those friends. Kids who welcomed a “new kid” into their group they’d had since elementary school were extremely awesome to do so, and made my senior year an extremely special, and interesting experience.

To be honest, there isn’t anything about it I would change…that sounds weird, people would think I wouldn’t want to switch schools senior year, and that’s definitely a factor, but I am pretty diverse in the kind of people I hang with and can make friends very easily. So all in all it was pretty awesome, I had two great sets of friends, one the kids I had grown up with all my life who knew everything about me and had been there for my entire young life…then there were the friends I met senior year, who took me in on the first day, made me feel welcomed, and treated me like we’d known each other since childhood…really a good group of people, and we had a damn good time together as well, I brought my partying ways down to intertwine with theirs, and together we had some raging parties, killer football game celebrations, dances, and weekend long parties that would give anything you’ve seen from college to a concert festival a run for its money…good times!