I was diagnosed with CF when I was 3, my mother noticed several of the indicators of Cystic Fibrosis, including “salty baby syndrome” and people with CF produce and increased level of sodium chloride, that is expelled when we sweat.

My Childhood was a good one, and I can actually remember the time period when I was diagnosed. My mother was an angel and did anything and everything she could to make sure I was a healthy baby, and young person. We did things like “clapping” which is where you make a cup with your hand and drum on the chest, ribcage, and back…to loosen the mucus the accumulates. Later a piece of machinery was released called “the Thairapy Vest,” or “vest” for short. It was basically a vest like any other, that had air tubes running to a large suitcase sized box that would inflate the vest with air, and then pulsate to simulate coughing.

So, once I got used to all the meds, the breathing treatments and the diet restrictions I had a pretty normal childhood, and was a happy kid. Thanks in large part to my mom, who like I said was my protector and caretaker, as well as an actual RN, or nurse.