So, “CF Rundown or Cystic Fibrosis Rundown” is basically a blanket term for when a person with CF has a bunch of symptoms come to a head, and they have to take it easy for anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

The cause of this can be very unassuming like going on a weekend getaway, it can also be from something a bit more taxing like going several weeks at full clip, not getting much sleep, eating right, or keeping up with ALL of the treatments.

I know I get several bouts of CF rundown a year, a couple times I can almost pinpoint exactly, then there are a few times where I just get it out of the blue and have to take it easy.

The times I know I am going to be rundown are when the weather changes. Either from hot to cold, or from cold to hot. Also, around that time I may have other things impact my health, for instance when it gets cold every year I can almost guarantee I am going to get strep throat, especially if I am around a bunch of other people. Then there are the times I cant pinpoint, but I know what leads to them such as going a few weeks at top speed, having a bunch of stuff to do, not getting enough sleep, or eating right, those times will almost definitely lead to rundown. There are also times where it’s hit or miss depending on how well I prepare, those are things like trips out of town or vacations, as most people like to enjoy themselves on vacation, CFer’s are no different. So, after times like that depending, like I said, on how well I prepped I may come home and have to rest for a while.

During these times doctors will tell you to rest, eat, sleep, do your treatment, and repeat…until you feel better. It is something that can last just a couple of days, or in bad cases a couple of months. I know I have personally had really bad times of CF rundown like at college, where I was basically laid up for a month, getting my work sent home or through email. Then there are times where if I eat and drink a bunch of good stuff, sleep as much as possible and amp up the meds, I can be back at it in a few days. It all depends on the person, their general health, and how well they combat it when they catch it.

CF Rundown is one of the most miserable parts of CF for me because it isn’t that I am necessarily sick with something that you can name or pinpoint, like strep, or the Flu, etc. But, your body and mind are just worn out, usually running a low grade fever, just generally feeling “rundown,” sadly it is just one of those things we CFer’s get used to and learn to live with.