I have been thinking a lot recently about having someone to discuss your Cystic Fibrosis issues with besides a doctor or therapist…I have come up with the idea to make some sort of real time chat, or story sharing page. I know there are times I wish I just had someone to talk to, and not someone I talk to all the time, but more of a “stranger” who understands better what I go through than anyone besides myself.

So, I’ve decided to make this page, and I would love if any fellow CFer’s or friends of people with CF could leave a story, or share a memory. I am going to look into getting some kind of real time chat system set up, but until then this could be a lot of fun, and a good release for some of us. If you would like to please leave something in the comment section for now, when I figure out a better way to talk, I will employ it. However, for now this will suffice and give an outlet to vent, or a place to share a funny story, embarrassing moment, or even just a bad day type post. Also, if any ideas come to anyone about how to format a real time talking system for us CF patients because we can’t do stuff like meet at a coffee shop, please do so. Hope to see some cool stuff or anything y’all care to share, or just “get off your chest.”


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