It’s late Thursday evening, and I am finishing up on some stuff I had to do today, and I just signed onto my social media where I noticed a couple of comments, on some posts I have recently made.

The posts were nothing crazy, just observations on the political landscape, the irony of said landscape, and the hypocrisy with which so many people operate these days.

So in particular there was a post about health insurance, which if you have read any of my previous posts, you know I have Cystic Fibrosis, and have not been able to qualify, in any way, for decent/affordable coverage in several years.

However, strangely since Trump has become POTUS, I have received several phone calls, and even a positive response to some applications I sent in for assistance, and health insurance, where before I was basically just ignored, or immediately turned down.

But, like I said in the past few weeks, after my latest attempt to get some sort of coverage I was actually contacted by a few companies and even a representative who had been assigned my “case.”

So, I made the connection that maybe this administration has put a fire under the asses of some of these tit suckling government workers who care not ONE BIT about you as is obvious by the way they treat you when you call, or go in person to their department’s brick and mortar building.

Now, having recently signed on to my social media I am getting all kinds of weird responses to my comments, including but not limited to disbelief of my condition, distrust in my reason for applying for help, and even veiled threats towards me/ negative wishes about my health.

Sadly, I am kind of used to seeing this stuff, but have never been the grunt of said negativity…and its very disconcerting, but more so disappointing. I am the kind of person who doesn’t wish ill on anyone, even those with whom I disagree, but generally I wish everyone well, and hope that they don’t have the same kinds of issued just living their lives as I do, on a daily basis.

We live in a world where Rapper’s and “movie star’s” are put on an almost godly pedestal, setting them up in many young people’s eye as something to strive to be…and at the same time we as a society criticize people like Tim Tebow who are REAL role models in similar societal statuses (as far as money and fame go). It is just pathetic…and disheartening to watch people who are actually trying to make our country and the world a better place, get vilified. Meanwhile, the most narcissistic, hedonistic, and many times criminal figures in our society are basically given a free pass to do, say, and be poor excuses for role models, and generally not good people.

Anyways, I guess my point to this post is we should re-evaluate the way we categorize people in our society, and the way we portray them to our young impressionable minds. It is sad to think kids growing up would grow up thinking its ok to treat fellow American’s so badly, and not have it even be a problem. We should be treating each other with respect, even if we disagree politically, socially, culturally, or whatever.

If we just treated each other better, there wouldn’t be some much division, we would get much more accomplished because we could work together better, and we wouldn’t have so many people who feel ostracized for reason’s out of their hands, or based on something they had little control over.

This post is kind of all over the place, so sorry…rant over…lol. Hopefully everyone has a good rest of the week, and into the weekend as well.



Political BULLSHIT!

So, I had to post this because I’m really pissed off, this political landscape we live in is total nonsense.

Today I had a lifelong friend tell me for a reason he COULDN’T EXPLAIN that because I supported a certain candidate over another that our friendship  over the last 15 years meant nothing to him, that I was scum, and a pathetic racist.

First off that’s total bullshit, as I know we have literally the same political identity and views, and have for many far back as I can remember.

His reasoning to me was so off base, I could tell he was literally just reverberating what he had heard on CNN, or MSNBC…

Now, I’m not a judgmental person at all, I love America for that reason…we can disagree. I may not agree with your political views but i’ll defend to my last breath your freedom to have those views and voice them.

But, now we live in a world where differences are such a problem people are actually losing lifelong friends because of it, I read an article the other day that a 60 year old couple who had been married for over 30 years had had a political discussion at a lunch with friends, and the husband voiced his support for a candidate that his wife didn’t agree with, she then voiced to him that she wanted to divorce him, and not be considered his wife anymore…WTF??

This isn’t what America is about, this is absolute nonsense, and the majority of the hypocritical irony is coming from people who claim almost incessantly that they are TOLERANT, INCLUSIVE, and stand on the platform of EQUALITY…I call horseshit, bullshit, any kind of shit you can think of! Get off your high horse and just say what you mean, “I don’t like you because of your views.”

Anyways, I had to get that off my chest, as it was making me almost lose my mind. Think what you want, do what you want, believe what you want, sleep with who you want to…as long as you’re not hurting someone else in your attempt to do said things we have NO problem. It’s called freedom. This is the America we lived in until just a few years ago, and now it’s at a level of insanity. It makes literally ZERO sense.

Rant over…enjoy your night, and have a nice Sunday.