45 minutes until Christmas Eve!

So it’s December 23 at about 11 o’clock in just a bit it will be Christmas Eve! This time of year I really get a lot of “natural high” from the smells, sights, and sounds…It rocks! I finally figured a good way this year to get some stuff done quicker…look online first and then go shop if you need to, lol. I know obvious, right? Nope, not for me, I usually just suck it up take some Advil or Ibuprofen, and hit the stores for hours on end. I’m also super weird about what I get people, and it takes me TIME. Triumph, I finally got it done, I’m ready for Christmas…time to relax. Warming seasonal beverages, egg nog, good food, and family are just my favorites and everything else that goes with it is an bonus. I enjoy presents, and I prefer giving more than receiving actually but, its all fun! Well its late, I’m tired, and sore from sitting in the same position for 2 hours wrapping presents…sweet!?…no. Merry Christmas!!