CF Life Body Hack # 1: Getting sore, uncomfortable, bored, or just not in a great mood? Go to an outside area where you can get some fresh air, give your entire body a good stretch. Now, starting at your feet flex then relax your muscles progressively moving upward all the way to your forehead, make sure your breathing is controlled and steady. You should notice immediate improvement in your mood, as well as physically being more comfortable.

CF Life Body Hack # 2: As soon as you wake up drink a half-bottle of water before you do anything else, and then use the rest to take your morning meds, after that slam something nutritious into your stomach (yogurt, fruit, crackers, smoothie/milkshake) something you enjoy enough to use it most days. The water will lubricate your system, and loosen up mucus. The nutrition will give you the needed energy to get your day going while you tough out the difficult stuff (coughing, hacking, bathroom, etc.)

CF Life Body Hack # 3: Feeling tired, or just out of it, having been sick the previous day? Go get a hot shave from a male hair salon. They will hot towel your face, head, and neck, use a straight razor with all the accoutrements of the trade…it is amazing how much a hot straight razor shave will improve your mood. Also, good grooming habits tend to make you feel better anytime. Enjoy!

CF Life Body Hack # 4: Keep a couple of small bottles of honey around the places you spend most of your time. It is an incredible superfood, and it tastes great! Also ,it is not possible for honey to go bad, it just crystalizes. If that happens stick in next to your body in your pocket for the body heat or pop in the microwave for a few minutes, and back to liquid it goes. It can coat your throat if you cough a lot, your esophagus & stomach lining if you’re having a lot of reflux. Alongside all of that it is great for a quick healthy pick me up, just pour a couple of spoonful’s down your gullet, and go about your day. Enjoy!

CF Life Body Hack # 5: Sleep with your body in a fixed position, using pillows, keep your head above your torso, this will keep mucus from draining into the back of your throat, which makes it much easier to breathe throughout the night, also, it doubles as keeping reflux from making its way to your esophagus as easily…which with something like CF can literally wake you in a panic thinking you’re having a heart attack…it’s incredibly beneficial. Try it!

CF Life Body Hack # 6: If you have to go somewhere and you don’t want to be coughing the whole time, which draws all kinds of weird looks, and unwanted attention, buy a pack of the most “natural” cough drops you can find. Take a few with you, and when you’re going to be around people pop one in your mouth and moisten it, but don’t keep sucking on it Then, tuck it back next to your jaw where you jaw meets your ear in between your gum and teeth. Now don’t do this all the time as stopping the natural reaction of your body coughing is not a good thing. But, if you need a hour here and there where you aren’t coughing up a lung or don’t want puke in front of a bunch of strangers this is a very good little trick.

CF Life Body Hack # 7: If you get easily worked up or anxious like I do, have on hand a couple of movies, or a really good list of songs, ones that make you feel nostalgic are really good, or in the case of the movies…something that is going to distract you, and not take you to a darker place. So, for instance I have a group of about 10 movies: the last samurai, James Bond, blow, etc. and I know when I watch them I can “escape” I also have a list of about 300 songs saved…and you can use something like YouTube to make a playlist, in that playlist I gave groups of 20 songs I know that I can go to and play and will allow me again to escape, songs that make you sing or dance along are the kind I’m referring to. The idea is that you need to be taken away without any effort on your part. You will then notice the stress/angst has gone away before you even notice it.

CF Life Body Hack # 8: Workout Routines and CF are kind of strange in that we pay if we exert ourselves too much…so, what I like to do is get to the gym and figure out what body parts are functioning well that day…for instance today my chest was a bit tight, so I did some cardio to warm up. After that I realized my back was sore from my last workout. So, I tailored my workout around the fact that my back was sore. I stuck to chest, tri’s and calves. Even though I it wasn’t “the day” for those groups, I can’t be choosey. I couldn’t push certain parts of my body any harder…so, I figured out which ones were able to be pushed, and focused on those. Therefore instead of having a crap workout i got a pretty good one in. I have discovered you corner yourself mentally when you “have to do, or accomplish” something on a very strict schedule. The more fluid you can be the easier it will be to continuously workout and see improve or “gains” as the kids are calling them…lol.