I just made a post on here about 30 minutes ago, and I wasn’t even sure at the time however, I have decided to create some video content and upload it to YouTube. It is actually in the process of uploading right now. Disclaimer: It is the first video of any kind I have ever done, and it is raw. It isn’t polished, and in HD, and all of that yet because I don’t really know how to go about doing that stuff. As I’ve stated in previous blogs, I am not up to par on all of the social media platforms and stuff like everyone else just naturally progressed into. So, as I go I will be learning, I will improve upon both this and my videos, as I hope to be able to create a sustainable platform for myself and people like me, or even just curious strangers who wish to take a peek into the life of someone who focuses on their health 90% of the time because it is necessary. Hopefully you can pop over and check it out, I will put the information and maybe a link up as it finishes. Any advice, constructive criticism, help, anything like that is welcomed as I am definitely a noobie.

As I said I would come back after the upload…my video has finished. Please take into account it is the first video I’ve ever done of any kind, so please be gentle…lol. Just kidding, let me know what’s wrong with it, how I can make it better, aside from the obvious (lighting, timing, etc.) any constructive criticism is welcomed and much appreciated…if it even reaches one person and gives them a bit of knowledge, helps them cope with difficulties in their life, or even just informs someone who has a friend with a terminal illness, then I’ve succeeded at what I was going for.

Video #1 is uploading…

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